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Welcome to the Eden Prairie High School’s Online Eyrie!

This website accompanies the print edition of the Eyrie.

Mission statement:  The Eyrie strives to be an accurate, informative and entertaining publication for the students and faculty of EPHS.

Editorials:  All published editorials reflect the views of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the views of the publication, student body, faculty or administration.  Staff Editorials are staff-written and approved by a two-thirds majority of the staff.

Advertising:  The Eyrie will not print advertisements deemed to be in poor taste or that promote products illegal to the majority of the student body.  The Eyrie makes no guarantee of claims made by advertisements.  For information on advertising, email the Eyrie at [email protected]

Contact us:  We welcome your feedback, suggestions and letters.  Email comments to [email protected].

Accuracy of information:  The Eyrie strives to be as accurate as possible. All statistics and figures are accurate as of our print-date.  If we find any information within our pages to be inaccurate, we will run a correction if we deem it appropriate.

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