“Look Mom I Can Fly”

Danielle Johnson, Grace Peterson, and Jadan Fix

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Travis Scott’s new documentary, “Look Mom I Can Fly”, came out on Netflix, August 28th, 2019. Travis Scott is a popular rap artist who is very successful, especially with teenagers. His new documentary is a look into his life while making and producing his newest album, “ASTROWORLD”. We asked a few students a couple of questions to see what they thought about Travis moving into the film industry from the music industry. The first question we asked was “What was your overall opinion on the documentary?” Some answers that we got were “I thought it was really interesting and super cool to look into his life behind the scenes,” said senior Lanie Cline. Senior Liam McFadden also said, “it was fire”. We also asked, “what was your favorite part?” Senior Dylan Nudulu said, “When they transition from playing Rip Screw in the recording studio to him playing it in concert”. Another question we asked was what their favorite Travis Scott song is. Both Liam and Dylan said “Nightcrawler” while Lanie said hers was “Highest in the room” or “Dance on the moon”. The last question we asked was how their opinion on Travis has now changed since watching the documentary and seeing more of his personal life. All three said that their opinion has not changed after seeing the documentary if anything it has only gotten better.